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Who we are

Hi everyone! My name is Andrey Botnev, and I’m the CEO of AIBERICA™.

A few years ago, on the slope of #13 at the Zell am See ski resort, I tried not even to catch up but at least to keep up with the German in the red ski jacket. But it was a complete fiasco for me. It felt like I was just standing, and the German was moving away into the “horizon.”

I had met him ten minutes earlier. The two of us had gone up together on the cable car. I don’t remember his name now, but he was 73 at the time.

He had lived all his life in a small Austrian town near the resort. And he started skiing before the resort opened. He said that now he is retired and he skis only when the weather is really nice (the weather that day was great), that his girlfriend (wife) is always grumbling when he goes to the mountains for a whole day and many other little things like the fact that for the entire season skipass for him costs 70 or 80 euros (I paid something like 300 for five days :))).

This “old man?” was then and remains now the ideal of a HAPPY man to me! His tanned face was always smiling, and he had this energy that could make people around him happy just by his mere presence!

For 10-15 minutes that we spent together on the elevator, he smiled, laughed, joked, told me how he lived, and it was so alive and natural that I remembered it for many years! 

Of course, I wanted more stories from him, but he went so crazy on that descent that someone else was listening to his laughter on the other funicular :).

And for me, he will always remain a man who loves mountains very much.

Why I’m telling you all this?

Because it was then when I first realized that what I’m doing is intended to accomplish a very important mission – make people free from the routine and let them enjoy life in full like this man on the slope. Because life’s too short to live it doing tedious, monotonous work. This should be done by machines.

I’m sure about it, and that is why I dedicated more than 20 years to developing Artificial Intelligence applications that allow people to transfer a lot of tasks to computers. Let them work, not you!

Digital Transformation Is In The Limelight


Every business, from middle-size to large one, faces challenges. These challenges are related to digital transformation, namely the data-driven optimization of business processes. This trend is obvious and it is worth to start anticipating the changes.

In the Future

In the next three to five years, many processes and tasks will be solved using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies; businesses and large corporations see this trend and are looking for digital transformation opportunities.

The essence of Digital Transformation is an ability to make data-driven managerial and technology decisions sustainably, abstracting from subjective human experience.

And AIBERICA™ is your guide to the world of Digital Transformation.

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Our approach to the transformation process


Only 3% of the solutions we analyze make it into our portfolio. And the 100+ vendor solutions are validated monthly.


The team’s competence in cutting-edge technology allows them to develop state-of-the-art solutions.


A minimum viable product for the developed solution is implemented with subsequent scaling. 28 days – an average MVP development time.


The end users of the solution receive comprehensive product training. 90%+ faster onboarding of users compared to self-study.

Our team leaders

Andrey Botnev


20 years of experience as an executive in international and Russian consulting companies. I like triathlons - I've done four Ironman's - Spain 2016, New Zealand 2017, Switzerland 2018, France 2019.

Ivan Korsakov


6 years of experience in computer vision system development and design of information and analytical systems.

Dmitry Kalentsov

Big Data

15 years of experience in designing and implementing storage solutions and data transformation.

Maxim Egorov

Cust Dev

7 years of experience in scouting, diagnostics, and startup acceleration, customer interviews, discovering needs, and creating value.

Nikolay Knyazev


6 years of experience in developing machine learning architectures and implementing them in business.

Dmitry Shulgov


5 years of experience in developing application software and appliances for industrial process automation.

Nikita Sokolov


7 years of experience in designing and implementing VR/AR solutions for retail and industry.

50+ in-house data scientists &
1500+ in-house developers

What we value

We are focused on improving business processes by using cutting-edge AI, ML, IoT, Big Data, Computer Vision, and VR/AR technologies.

Agile approach enables us to quickly proceed from the business task to its implementation.

The unique competencies of the AIBERICA™ team are confirmed by a track record of sophisticated industry projects that we have implemented.

The main stages of digital transformation


> List of initiatives
> Evaluating the initiative
> Exploring the IT landscape

1 - 2 month

Pilot project

> PoC Initiative
> Effect evaluation
> Final task description
> Working prototype

1 - 3 month


> On-site visit
> Collecting feedback
> Process re-engineering
> Education

4 - 9 month


> Control
> Customizations
> Highlighting new points of growth

1 - 2 month
1 - 3 month
4 - 9 months